Cubas Dance Of Life

Moving Emotions

What springs to mind when you think of Cuba?

Cigars, classic American cars, Mojitos, sugarcane, rum, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, golden beaches, sun, socialism and salsa?

Yes and no. After all, Cuba is a hotchpotch of vivid clichés – but more authentic, creative and exciting than anywhere else on Earth.

The choreographic revolution

Experience Cubas dance of life with Havana Queens, a sensual and spectacular performance. Sizzling eroticism without being too racy. Tradition without the old-fashioned folklore. Urban dance without the dull mainstream. Nostalgia in time with the future. Dancers, musicians, singers and audiences all blend into a common, shared session.

What will you take away with you from this show?

The desire to jump on a plane to Cuba? The will to take dance lessons? Or simply the wonderful feeling of having had an unforgettable evening? Just let your emotions take the lead...

The Choreographer

"Havana All Stars"

"Havana All Stars" is a project in Cuba, where the most talented artists producing every night a spectacular show. Cuba’s bestPerformers tread the arc of suspense between traditional and Modern dance on the stage. "Havana Queens - Cubas dance of life" was produced under the choreographic direction of Rosario Garcia Rodriguez. Before she started her own company she work for the Cuban Television Ballet and well she was selected for Kings of Salsa and travelled the world. She has been devoting her full passion to “Havana Queens” since 2012, winning several prizes as choreographer and company director.

The Director

Balbina Aspron Chavez

From a very young age, dancing was everything to Balbina. As a thirteen-year-old, she danced on the table; later, on major stages in Cuba and Europe.

She graduated from Gamaguey Ballet School in 1990 before becoming a professional dancer and prima ballerina. She went on to found the dance school Compañia de Ballet de Santiago de Cuba, which took her to all of Europe’s major cities.

In 2000 she was selected for the Cuban Television Ballet, where she initially worked as a principle dancer before becoming a teacher and eventually a director. Balbina has been Director of Havana Queens since 2012.

Ideas and unique, sensual performances simply bubble out of her.

Today, Balbina is such a key pillar in the company that it is impossible to imagine the team without her.

The Producers

Daniel Lüscher

Thanks to his longstanding experience and as a freelance production manager, he staged the musical Grease with Good News and BB Promotion. He then became Director of Oerlikon Theatre, where he produced Carmen and Piaf. He followed these successes with shows for IWC, Maurice Lacroix, Shell, ABB and Credit Suisse as a co-founder of Rufener Events Ltd. He was also production manager for the FIFA congresses from 1996 to 2011. As Director of the Bernard Theatre, he initiated productions such as Jungle Book and Swiss Päck. His own agency, Colorsplash, since 2012, where he was responsible for successful projects such as Zirkus der Posie, his show concept 150 Jahre UBS at twenty different venues worldwide was also a resounding success.

Stefan Petertil

Business school graduate, qualified cook, a degree in business studies. Companies are good; going it alone is better! The old-school entrepreneur with youthful curiosity knows the whole world, everybody and his dog –and specially the international music scene. In 2003 he founded Mastermind Agentur and in 2006 the Master Holding Group as a public limited company, where he and his staff show how staging successful events is really done, day in, day out. As a co-producer of various festivals and live shows, he knows how to reach a large audience. As a meticulous networker, he has his finger on the latest trends, the hottest artists and the rising talents all over the world – which is ultimately how the call from Cuba came about.

The Costume Designer

Edgar Balseca Almagor

Ecuadorian-born Edgar Balseca is a qualified fashion designer and cofounder of the Swiss fashion label BALSECA WEBER. His love of materials, textures and subtle details is what defines his style. His creations are a fusion of the vivacious femininity of South America and the classic elegance of Europe.

Besides his own label, Edgar also appears as head costume designer at diverse fashion shows, events and photo productions, including UGG Schweiz, the ABB anniversary, the Hair Dressing Award, the Salon du Chocolat Schweiz in collaboration with Confisserie Sprüngli, Elite Model Look Schweiz, Hair Days Deutschland and PASITO Switzerland. Moreover, he also works as a casting juror for Elite Model Look.

Edgar gained experience in the field of stage costume design, among other things, at the finale of the Weather Girls’ Swiss tour and at DAS ZELT’s I Quattro show.

In him, we have found the perfect artist to design the Havana Queens costumes. His understanding of both worlds enables him to blend traditional and modern elements and create something unique.

The Set Designer

Bob Klenk

Bob Klenk studied theatre design on the Motley Theatre Design Course in London in 1997, set up his own business in Switzerland upon his return and has been staging countless for television and event productions ever since.

These have taken him all over the world, from South Africa to Sydney, Budapest or São Paulo. Besides his stage design work, which he also does for real estate companies, he also develops projects in the field of furniture design and content management for iOS apps.

The Dance Company

Coming soon.

Dairon Cárdenas Ibarra (21)

Even as a young boy, Dairon Cárdenas, born in Havana (Cuba), already dreamt of becoming a dancer. He learnt his art at the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA). After completing his dance training, he worked as a dancer and choreographer at the famous Conjunto Folclorico Nacional de Cuba, the Compañía de Danzas tradicionales de Cuba (JJ) and the Danzarenas. Even though he had already given countless dance performances, his career never took him out into the big, wide world. Now, however, he is making up for lost time with the Havana Queens Dance Company. While he finds training with the young, dynamic company especially fascinating, the positive energy that surrounds the Havana Queens also spurs him on during his day job.

Osmany Rojas Suarez (28)

After training as a dancer, Osmany’s dream of becoming a dancer came true when he joined Espectáculos Adolfo Guzmán. Later, he danced for the Compañía de baile fusión Team Habana. For Osmany, Havana Queens is Cuba’s most successful dance group, which is why he is so proud to be part of it. Havana Queens fuses his favourite dance style, hip-hop, with contemporary dance. He has been soaking up as much knowhow and energy as possible during the rehearsals. Now he can hardly wait to give it his all and mesmerise the audience.

Miguel Alejandro Tamayo Cruz (24)

Miguel attended his first auditions at the tender age of five. After graduating from the Escuela Vocacional de Arte-Danza, he worked as a dancer at the Compañía Codanza and subsequently the Ballet de la Televisión Cubana. The twenty-four-year-old has already demonstrated his talent in Germany, Australia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, France and Switzerland. For him, being part of Havana Queens means being part of something big. He takes great pleasure in honing his dance skills in such a motivated, lively group. While Miguel enjoys all dance styles, contemporary dance has become his favourite.

Lisandra Marin Soto (22)

Lisandra already attended the escuela Paulita Concepción, a dance school for children, as a young girl. In 2011 she embarked on her degree at the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA), specialising in folklore and contemporary dance. After graduating, she worked as a dancer at the Compañía Rakatan, the Ballet Revolution and the Ballet de la Televisión Cubana. Even though she likes all dance styles, in recent years she has found herself increasingly drawn to contemporary dance. Lisandra has already danced all over Europe and is looking forward to performing in Europe again with Havana Queens. We look forward to giving her a warm welcome.

Claudia Cruz Vega (20)

Barely twenty years of age and Claudia already has a basic course at the Benny More and an advanced course at the escuela profesional de arte Samuel Feijo under her belt. She also gathered experience as a performer when she worked at the Compañía de baile Contempodans and the Compañía Identidad. Even as a young girl, Claudia knew that she wanted to become a professional dancer when she grew up. Her parents supported her in this endeavour by taking her to every dance performance they possibly could. Now she can finally realise her dream with Havana Queens. The dance group offers her the unique opportunity to perform on the international stage and improve in a vast range of dance styles.

Reynier Ramirez Junco (30)

Born in Havana, Cuba, on 27 December 1985, Reiner already set the wheels in motion for his dance career at a young age. He developed his choreutics with a great deal of dedication and motivation, and danced for well-known Cuban dance companies such as Yoldance and Rakatan. Reiner is currently in the fourth year of his folklore and contemporary dance degree at Cuba’s University of Arts. He has already mesmerised audiences in Germany, Colombia, Italy and Turkey with his dance skills. Now he is looking forward to the trip to Switzerland with Havana Queens.

The Musicians

Dorgeris Álvarez Balart
Bandleader, Piano

Ivan Sáez Trujillo

Claudia Chávez Rodríguez

Lázaro Antonio Rodríguez Duthil
Percussion Bongo

Adrián Yasel Alayo Villavicencio

Raynel Valdéz Márquez

Linet Varela Calderónmúsico

Mario José Güemes Martínez
Percussion Drums

José Miguel Hernández Martínez


Music is in DJane BKLYN’s blood. She has been performing on the international stage for many years and gets the crowd in the world’s finest clubs pumping. Her varied and comprehensive music expertise and professionalism soon made the young disk jockey from Zurich one of the most popular international DJs. Thanks to her soft spot for Latin and Cuban music in particular, DJane BKLYN is just the ticket for the Havana Queens team.

The Story

Love is dance – dance is love.

The selection criteria are ruthless, the training is merciless. Anyone who makes it onto the stage in Cuba’s top dance show, Havana Queens, belongs to the crème de la crème.

Whenever there is a new audition, the island’s most talented dancers come together. They have been practising hard – unconventionally and spontaneously, wherever and whenever they can: backyards, cafés, warehouses or streets all become their stage.

Friendships soon develop, but also rivalries. All eyes are on Coco, a young dancer. And fellow dancers Yunior and Carlos soon become love rivals as they attempt to hustle their way into Coco’s heart with some breath-taking street moves. Coco wants to figure out her feelings at a Santería mass (a mixture of mystical god worship and Catholicism) and the Yoruba toque, a rhythmic drum dance, should help her to choose between her two suitors once and for all.

But despite their personal battles, the dancers are all united by one common, much more important mission: can Havana Queens manage to put on a stunning spectacle, the like of which the audience will never have seen before? Will the emotional choreography combining traditional styles with cool street dance rock the stage? Come on, let’s get moving!

The Show Dates

Coming soon.

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